Case Study - Social media

While a company or organisation’s website may act as a storefront, payment gateway or information hub, Social Media, harnessed correctly, is a space which provides huge opportunity to communicate with your audience, customers and clients and keep them engaged. Couple this with a well maintained and updated mailing list your company will be furnished with the tools to excel in an online world which has never been more competitive. Accordingly I also have great experience in crafting online media presences and campaigns. I employ a holistic approach from concept to production creating banners, flyers, logos, ads, mailers, video clips and trailers and all the various media assets necessary to be relevant online in the 2020s and beyond. Please see below

Sabatta ‘Prized Possession’ campaign – Facebook (FB) Page cover (1024 x 387)

Sabatta ‘Prized Possession’ campaign – Facebook (FB) Page cover (1024 x 387) Alt

Prized possession FB page cover

Sabatta ‘Prized Possession’ campaign – YouTube (YT) Banner (1024 x 171)

Sabatta ‘Prized Possession’ campaign – Bandcamp (BC) Banner (975 x 180)

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Sabatta ‘Prized Possession’ campaign – Instagram (IG) Ad


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